We provide a broad rage of services relating to Namibian immovable property transactions. These services include the transfer of properties, transfer of sectional title units, establishment of sectional title schemes, establishment of townships, registration of mortgage bonds and various other services relating to immovable properties.

Sectional Title Developments

Namibia is experiencing a housing shortage, where the market has a inadequate supply of serviced land and houses. A number of developers use sectional title developments to construct multiple units on one or more erven. We assist developers in all aspects of the structuring and establishment of Namibian sectional title developments.

Should you be interested in exploring the possibility of embarking on a Namibian sectional title development, you are invited to contact us in order for our office to assist you therewith.

Property Transfers

We further regularly assist clients in the transfer of Namibian properties.
Should you intend to acquire or sell a property you are invited to contact our office for assistance in this regard.

Bond Registrations

We regularly assist clients in the registration of mortgage bonds over immovable and movable property in Namibia.

New Namibian Deeds Registries Act

We note that a new Namibian Deeds Registries Act was recently published.? The new act is not yet in operation.? In order to download a copy of the new act, click on the following link: ?NAMIBIAN DEEDS REGISTRIES ACT

To download a copy of the Namibian Sectional Titles Act, The Rules of the Namibian Sectional Tiles Act or the Rules under which Namibian Sectional Titles are managed, click on the following links:

Namibian Sectional Titles Act

Namibian Sectional Titles Regulations

Rules For Sectional Titles in Namibia


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